First Steps Toward Reading

Writing Activities

  • Shaving cream in the bathtub or a tray outside is a great way to practice writing, drawing or scribbling. It is a great sensory activity that encourages fine motor movements. Shaving cream is easy to clean up and a fun way to practice writing letters as well.
  • Introduce your toddler to his/her written name. Toddlers realize their names take on special meaning. Many toddlers develop an awareness of the letters in their name, especially the very special first letter. Call attention to the letters in your toddler’s name and take the opportunity to point out those letters as they appear on signs, in books, or on labels in the supermarket. As you load groceries into your cart at the market, you can say, “Look, it says ‘bread.’ Bread starts with B,’ like your name Brayden.”
  • Allow your toddler plenty of opportunities to write, draw, and scribble. Use craft paper, lined paper, chalkboards, and even the bathtub are interesting surfaces where your child can make her mark. Use markers, crayons, paint brushes, playdough, shaving cream to allow your child to explore their senses as well as their fine motor capabilities.
  • Let your child’s artwork and scribbling be a source of pride. Mount and display his work at home and ask for his help in your own everyday writing tasks. Toddlers love to “sign” their own pictures, or “write” their names on a letter to a relative or friend.
  • Skills Learned: Fine motor, creativity, art, pretend play, writing, experimenting and predicting and drawing conflictions, tools and technology.

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