First Steps Toward Reading

Writing Activities

  • Use markers to draw on a white board or paper. Making designs with water or chalk on a sidewalk. Sketching squiggles in a sandbox with a stick. These are activities that help young brains and hands prepare for writing. Such activities are most powerful when you give praise and ask questions to further your child’s experimenting and interest.
  • Supply your toddler with plenty of different drawing materials to use. You can include markers, crayons, pencils, paints, and chalk, as well as a variety of surfaces to try out. Craft paper, lined paper, chalkboards, and even the bathtub are interesting surfaces where your child can make her mark. Let her try painting with common household or craft items. Fun paining tools are drinking straws, feathers, cotton balls, cotton swabs, toy cars, and empty spools. Encourage your child to use her imagination and be creative.
  • Let your child’s artwork and scribbling be a source of pride. Mount and display his work at home and ask for his help in your own everyday writing tasks. Toddlers love to “sign” their own pictures, or “write” their names on a letter to a relative or friend.
  • Skills Learned: Fine motor, creativity, art, pretend play, writing, experimenting and predicting and drawing conflictions, tools and technology.

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