First Steps Toward Reading

Talking Activities

  • Play fun words games, I Spy or question games. Use the best, simplest explanation to describe an object or animal, and have your child guess. For example: “It is big, is white with black spots, says “Moooo” and gives milk, what is it?” You can gradually complicate the riddles the older your child becomes and the more they master the game.
  • Go on a nature walk with your child. Talk about what you see! “I see a blue bird.” “Wow, look at that cloud, it looks like a dinosaur.” Notice things around you, so your child will notice what is happening in their world around them.
  • Be descriptive when speaking to your toddler. Label objects, and describe them to your toddler. Talking about how something looks, feels, or tastes is an easy way to introduce new terms and spark your child's creativity. Go to the grocery story with your child, pick up an apple and say, "This orange is round and orange. Let's feel it; wow, the skin is so smooth." Then ask your tot to describe another item.

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