First Steps Toward Reading

Talking Activities

  • Talking and conversation enables children to expand their vocabulary and understanding of the world. The ability to carry on a conversation is important for reading development, language development and thinking skills. It is never too early to talk to your child even if they are non-verbal. Talk away!
  • Toddlers love to hear words. Talk all the time to expand vocabulary, oral language skills and conversation skills. It is always fun to name body parts and identify what you do with them. "This is my nose. I can smell cookies or flowers with my nose.” You can also label all the items you see, “I see a red car driving next to us, do you see that red car? What other color cars do you see?”
  • Play telephone with your toddler. Pretend to make calls and hold conversations with each other, family members or imaginary people. Use funny voices, and create silly characters on the other line. Use full sentences and polite telephone etiquette to teach grammar as well as increase vocabulary.

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