First Steps Toward Reading

Singing Activities

  • Make music a part of your everyday routine. For instance, sing a lullaby or soft gentle music at bedtime or naptime, your child will come to see this as a cue for going to sleep. Use this strategy for picking up toys, brushing teeth, or taking a bath as well.
  • Children music can be great, but do not forget to share your own (child friendly) favorite music with your children. A toddler can love The Beatles or Ed Sheeran, if they are exposed to all kinds of music for different genres or eras.
  • Take your toddler to a family friendly/kid concert at the Library, museum, or your local parks and recreation. Toddlers will love to dance and sing to live performances suitable for kids. Outdoor concerts where children can dance, sing and run around are always best.
  • Visit The West Bloomfield Township Public Library for one of our amazing storytime‚Äôs. All our classes are developmentally appropriate for each age group and are fun for a caregiver and child do together. Classes are a fun way to enjoy music together; they are also good sources for music and activities to enjoy at home. Storytime always provides a good opportunity for families to interact, but a great social outing for a young child.

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