First Steps Toward Reading

Singing Activities

  • Singing with your child can encourage his sense of rhythm by tapping the beat with your foot while singing and changing simple rhythmic nursery rhymes. These rhythmic movements will help your child with future reading concepts.
  • Toddlers respond best to music when they actively participate. Interactive opportunities such as rocking, marching, rolling, tapping, clapping, and moving to the beat are most effective with toddlers. Create these opportunities at home and dance around the house with your child. Create your own silly songs and hand motions. Try to use your child's name in the song or rhyme.
  • Share songs that go along with simple hand motions or dance moves, like The "Itsy Bitsy Spider," "The Wheels on the Bus,"," or the "Hokey Pokey." For younger kids, a parent's lap is a great place to put music and movement together. Have your child face you and be sure to smile as you bounce your knees to chants like “This Little Piggie” or "To Market, To Market."
  • Visit the West Bloomfield Township Public Library to borrow books, music, and videos. These interactive songs will encourage oral language, movement and an exciting visit to the library. The library also provides a nursery rhyme and finger play booklet for families in our service area, just ask a friendly youth librarian.

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