First Steps Toward Reading

Reading Activities

  • Recite rhymes, sing songs, and read nursery rhymes! Pause to let your toddler finish a phrase or chant a refrain. Once your toddler is familiar with the rhyme or pattern, you can pause and your child will fill in the rest of the rhyme. It’s a great way to encourage speech, language, vocabulary, and early literacy skills.
  • Make a grocery list with your child and draw pictures. Go to the grocery shopping with your toddler. Read items off the list and have your child help you find the items.
  • Encourage play that involves naming, describing, and communicating. Play house or family, have your child set the scene, “Who is the mommy? Who is the daddy?” Play zoo with all the stuffed animals. Put your toddler in charge and ask lots of questions.
  • Skills Learned: Language, literacy, rhyming, word play, speaking, imagination, listening and comprehension, phonemic awareness, alphabetic knowledge, reading, book enjoyment and knowledge, letter recognition.

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