First Steps Toward Reading

Reading Activities

  • Reading to a toddler sets the foundation for toddler learning, including mastering ABC’s, developing phonemic awareness and learning that those marks on the page represent letters and words.
  • Go grocery shopping with your toddler. Read items off the list and talk to your child about the items: "The skin of the orange is rough and bumpy. Here, you feel it."
  • Buy or make a batch of homemade play dough and use the playdough to create letters and shapes as well as animals.
  • Playdough Recipe:
    • View the Recipe
    • Hint: Add vanilla or another extract to make it smell good. Talk about the Playdough rules; no eating, wash our hands etc.
  • Skills Learned: Language, literacy, speaking, listening and comprehension, phonemic awareness, reading, book enjoyment and knowledge, letter recognition.

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