First Steps Toward Reading

Reading Activities

  • Be enthusiastic about reading. Read the story with expression, different voices or tone of voice. Make it more interesting by talking as the characters would talk, making sound effects and using facial expressions and gestures. This draws young children into the story, but also models good reading habits.
  • Visit The West Bloomfield Township Public Library often. Begin making weekly trips to the library when your child is very young. Get your young child his/her first library card as soon as possible. Attend storytimes, to get new ideas about fun books and songs to reinvent at home. Storytime always provides a good opportunity for families to interact, but a great social outing for a young child.
  • Model your love of reading to your child. When you take your child to the library, check out a book for yourself. Then set a good example by letting your child see you reading for yourself. Ask your child to get one of her books and sit with you as you read your book, magazine or newspaper. When your child sees that reading is important to you, she may decide that it is important to her, too.

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