First Steps Toward Reading

Playing Activities

  • Toddler play can be imaginative and use items easily found around your house. Empty boxes (cereal, stove, boxes from packages), wooden spoons, adult shirts or shoes, or pots and pans is all it will take for your toddler to use their imagination and create their own play scenario. Playing with everyday household items teaches your toddler how to interact with others peacefully and helps him to understand his world.
  • The playground is a rich learning opportunity for children. In the sandbox, offer your child different size balls, pails and shovels to help him/her practice using fine motor skills, as well as math skills such as full/empty. Crawling through tunnels, slides or bridges will teach him/her about in and out, up and down, and fast and slow.
  • Skills Learned: Coordination, building relationship with others, imagination, listening and comprehension skills, vocabulary building, musical exploration, hand eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, sharing, problem solving, music and movement, tools and technology.

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