First Steps Toward Reading

Counting Activities

  • Introduce math skills throughout your daily routines you share with your child—counting steps as you go up or down, counting crackers, counting time on the swings or counting windows in your home. Informal activities like this one give children a jumpstart on the formal math instruction that starts in school.
  • When you go grocery shopping, ask your child can match food items. Cereal and Milk, fruit items, vegetable items. See if your child can match and sort items in the grocery cart.
  • Count the doors in your house. Count the number of times you swing on the swings, or the stairs on the slide. Count everything you do.
  • Count how many times you can jump around your back yard.
  • Look at the clouds and talk about shapes and their unique sizes and qualities.
  • Skills Learned: Basic number skills, spatial awareness, speaking, comprehension, prediction, problem solving, one-on-one correspondence skills, counting, basic math skills, problem solving, geometry, measurement, data analysis.

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