Growing into Readers

Writing Activities

  • Write a grocery list with your child. Have them pick out three new foods to try (veggies, fruit, and protein are the best options).
  • Have your child practice writing words around your house. Start with their name because that’s the most personal, then they can write letters, names, and objects around the house. Their name, mom, dad, pet’s name, and sibling’s names are always the most meaningful.
  • Drawing, cutting, using scissors and simple fine motor exercises are all wonderful activities for preschool children on the verge of writing. Have your child use clothes pins to pick up pom poms. Have your child draw a picture of your family and you can write down the names of the family members. Preschoolers can also use their finger in shaving cream, flour or salt to practice writing. These are all great fine motor and hand strengthening exercises.
  • Skills Learned: Writing, scribbling, doodling, art, Movement, Tools and technology.

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