Growing into Readers

Writing Activities

  • Preschool children begin to display their understanding as writers by use symbols to convey their meaning. Writing begins to include shapes (circles, squares) and other figures. A writer in this stage will often write something with scribbles and symbols. Be sure to ask, "What does this say?" You can even ask to write on their paper the words to their picture or story to model the writing process.
  • Get creative and make a homemade collage with reusable materials. Simply provide a few household items (craft sticks, buttons, paint samples, fabric swatches, spare keys, cotton balls, Q-Tips, the possibilities are endless) that can be rearranged in a variety of ways. Children can use them to make patterns, designs, and objects. Since the materials are reusable, take a picture to commemorate each creation.
  • Give your child crayons and paper to draw a self-portrait. Using a mirror, let the child draw themselves. Point out facial features like eye color, eyebrows and eyelashes. If they draw their whole body, add in some fashion design! Don’t be surprised if your child takes some unique liberties, i.e. “Yes, I do have purple skin and blue hair!” This is a great fine motor activity to produce every few months to see the amazing progression in your child’s drawing and writing ability.

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