Growing into Readers

Writing Activities

  • Involve your child in family writing activities such as making shopping lists, thank you cards, to do lists, everyday notes, or notes for school. This will encourage the writing process in young children, it will continue to model good writing habits, and allow children to see writing in action.
  • Sing the alphabet song with your children as they play with alphabet books, blocks, and magnetic letters.
  • Play alphabet games: Help your children learn to identify the letters in alphabet books (for example; find the letter M and say “M for Matthew, M is the first letter of your name.”)
  • Encourage your children to cut out letters from the newspapers or magazine. Have them identify the letter and try to put letters together to create words, in alphabetical order or like letters together, “Put all the letter R’s together.”
  • Put sand or shaving cream in a sheet pan or cookie sheet. Have your child practice writing letters, drawing pictures or writing their name.

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