Growing into Readers

Talking Activities

  • Plan a trip to the store. Write your list and then, discuss the items you need to get and the isles they are down. If you’re going to the grocery store, discuss what foods you will make with each item and where it is located in the store. “We’re getting milk near the dairy isle, “or “We need to find chicken because I’m going to make tacos for dinner tomorrow.” Pick out new foods you’ve never tried before, this encourages young children to try new things, but also increases vocabulary and building relationships.
  • Talk about what happened during your day. Ask lots of open ended questions, “What was your favorite part?”
  • Turn everyday activities and chores into pretend play opportunities. Play helps young children develop fundamental skills used for reading by motivating language and vocabulary development. As children pretend, they also acquire an understanding of characters, the structure of stories, and point of view. You can help. For example, at the grocery store, you might suggest playing "detective" and find labels that contain the first letter of your child’s name. “Look we found oranges. Oranges start with the letter O, just like your name, Oliver.”
  • Skills Learned: Speaking, listening and comprehension, questioning skills, problem solving, knowledge of self and others, vocabulary, imagination, real world connections.

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