Growing into Readers

Reading Activities

  • Use an interactive reading style with preschoolers. Interactive reading encourages children to make comments, predict events, and ask questions about the story and illustrations during reading.
  • When you read with your child, explain what new words mean by providing explanations, having a brief conversation about the word and pointing to the pictures. Introducing new words will build your preschoolers vocabulary.
  • Have your child re-tell a story or events of their lives. They can draw or retell events, this is a great way for them to recall items form their memory but to form logical thought processes.
  • For early preschoolers, use reading aloud to help him learn about books and print. As you read aloud, stop now and then and point to letters and words; then point to the pictures. Talk about the author and illustrator and their specific jobs, as well as how we read (Left to right, top to bottom). These are all great ideas to teach the concepts of print, and how reading starts.
  • Skills Learned: Concepts of print, speaking, reading, listening and comprehension, phonological and phonemic awareness, book enjoyment and knowledge, reading, recall.

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