Growing into Readers

Reading Activities

  • Rhyming books or nursery rhymes are a great way for children to get involved in what you are reading. Preschoolers are often very interested in the written word, as you’re reading start to leave out words and see if your child can fill in the missing rhyming words. You can also pause and have your child fill in the ending of sentence. This encourages speaking, literacy skills, vocabulary, active participation, observing, predicting, and rhyming.
  • Read everywhere you go. Read signs on the side of road while driving in the car, signs in a store, newspapers, magazines and items around your house. Modeling reading skills to your young child will set a positive life lesson about the importance and value of reading.
  • Introduce the book. Always tell your child the title and author of each book. Before you begin to read a story, ask your child to predict what the story is about by just looking at the cover and the pictures. Ask questions such as “What do you think is happening here?”, and “What do you think will happen next?”. Children learn best when they are actively involved. Children will also learn the parts of a book (Be sure to point out the title, author, illustrator, which page you read first and that we read left to right).
  • Skills Learned: Concepts of print, speaking, reading, listening and comprehension, phonological and phonemic awareness, rhyming, speaking, listening, word play, imagination, vocabulary, questioning skills, higher order thinking, book enjoyment and knowledge, reading, recall

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