Growing into Readers

Playing Activities

  • Allow your child to go on independent play dates at a friend’s home. This will allow your child some independence and self-exploration. It also teaches great language skills because they will have to ask for needs such as the bathroom or a drink.
  • Play with your child and be silly. Children love to laugh especially when adults join in on their fun. Jump, dance, sing, create silly walk, sing a funny song, or invent a little dance with them during the day. It creates bonds with your child while learning, playing and laughing and when children laugh, they’re more likely to remember what they learn.
  • Try something new. Try a new activity to challenge what your child knows. Go to the library for storytime, set up a new learning center, go for a walk, read a new book, take a field trip, visit the farm, join a swim class, or go to the zoo. These activities will help children learn something new, increase vocabulary, learn about their community and all it has to offer as well as create memories your family will remember forever.
  • Play outside. Playing outside allows children to increase their curiosity by observing, experimenting, predicting, classifying, education through sensory play, drawing conclusions and exploring the natural world. Playing outside increases awareness of community, builds relationships with others, as well as increasing literacy and vocabulary skills. Take your children outside every day, even in the winter (for a short time.)
  • Skills Learned: Pretend play, speaking, gross motor, fine motor, movement, listening and comprehending, movement, knowledge of self and others, building relationships with others (adults and children alike)
  • The Importance of Play

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