Growing into Readers

Playing Activities

  • Allow your child to go on independent play dates at a friend’s home. This will allow your child some independence and self-exploration. It also teaches great language skills because they will have to ask for needs such as the bathroom or a drink.
  • Participate in pretend play with your child and take cues from your child. Play house, you can be whoever your child directs you to be. You might be the “baby,” while your child is the “Mommy.” Be creative and act it out!
  • Play games such as Freeze Dance, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes or Simon says to promote following direction and learning body part names.
  • Skills Learned: Pretend Play, speaking, listening and comprehending, movement, knowledge of self and others, building relationships with others (adults and children alike)
  • The Importance of Play

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