Growing into Readers

Counting Activities

  • Play with shapes. Talk with your child about each shape, name the shape, count the sides, describe the colors. Make your own shapes by cutting large shapes out of colored construction paper.
  • Gather together a basket of small toys and everyday objects from around your house. Count them with your child. Sort them based on size, color, or what they do (i.e., all the cars in one pile, all the animals in another). You can also do this as you fold the laundry. Your child can help count, sort, and make patterns with the laundry.
  • Measurement for preschoolers is a fun topic. Use words such as bigger, smaller, larger, taller or shorter when describing an object. You can also use measurement as a frame of reference for time or cooking to help your preschooler begin to use words in terms of measurement.

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