Growing into Readers

Counting Activities

  • Numbers and counting apply to everyday life. Show your child how numbers are part of your daily routine by using number words, pointing out numbers, and involving your child in counting activities as you go through your day. For example, make a recipe with your child, measure ingredients by counting and talking about the number of cups or spoonful. Talk about how things or amounts are more, less, bigger and smaller, and be sure to praise his efforts and his progress in math awareness.
  • Read, tell stories, sing songs, and recite poems that include numbers and counting. Try to include books in which characters come and go as the story progresses. Finger plays with numbers are always fun, such as Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Five in the Bed, Five Little Pumpkins.
  • Preschoolers love to play games. Play simple board games such as Connect 4, Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders. Have your preschooler spin the spinner or roll the dice, count spaces on the board, move objects used in the game, and to recognize printed numerals or their representation (such as “dots on dice”). These are all amazing math skills, number recognition and spatial awareness while having a fun time.

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