Growing into Readers

Counting Activities

  • Counting and Adding with snacks. Have fun with your snack by giving your child a dice and rolling it. Count out the number you rolled (fruit snacks, goldfish, cracker, etc.). Roll the dice again and add/subtract that number from the pile. Eat up the pile and keep going!
  • Practice writing numbers. Write the number of people in your family, the age of your child. Talk about how numbers have a digit as well as a word such as 1 and one
  • Use colorful items such as Fruit Loops cereal, blocks, or cars to make a pattern with colors. Talk about what patterns are and different combinations of patterns. See how many patterns your child can make with these colorful objects.
  • Skills Learned: Counting, number recognition, writing, pretend play, geometry, shape, spatial awareness, measurement, patterns.

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