How to Raise a Reader

Music and Media Talking Apps

Jump start your child's language and literacy development with this collection of cool tools to get kids chatting. These apps will promote speech, talking, and vocabulary will help with language expansion, questioning skills (WH questions (What, where, when, why), following directions, environmental sounds (animal, car, object sounds), spatial concepts (in, on, under, next to, over), conversational and turn-taking.
  1. Memory Train- Hop on the train with Spacey the elephant and help him focus his memory while on the way to the circus. Memorize the characteristics of objects passing by and recall them to earn stars, badges, and peanuts. Along the way, kids may find a few surprises!
  2. Cimo Can Spell- This is a great app for beginning readers to learn words. This app also uses phonics to help your child learn new words by putting sounds together to make words (like /b/ /a/ /t/ bat). This will teach your child to read and write words correctly without memorizing.
  3. Syllable Count- Syllable Count (Multi-User) is a fun game to improve your child's reading and spelling abilities. Breaking the word down by syllables can help kids read the word. Practice sounding out the word (to hear the sound of a vowel) or breaking the word into parts will build a strong foundation in reading for beginning readers.

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