How to Raise a Reader

Music and Media Playing Apps

Children learn best when they are interactive and engaged. Have a program that is collaborating with your child to encourage them to play, think and learn while having fun. Your child will have fun playing these apps while building, hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, verbal/language skills such as speaking, making sounds, and singing, observing, experimenting and using tools and technology.
  1. Busy Water- Busy Water encourages children to transfer, control and engineer water in every level of the game. Each level provides new and exciting challenges to develop problem-solving skills. Children can also create their own levels using the Build Mode and become “outside the tank” water engineers. Their creativity will become boundless as the sea and they will feel super proud when they successfully bring the fish back home safely!
  2. MarcoPolo Arctic- Bring the arctic animals to life with interactive puzzles! Snap each piece in place as you learn special facts about every animal. Through self-directed discovery, this app exposes children to early skills in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).
  3. Avokiddo ABC Ride- Avokiddo ABC Ride takes your child on an exciting adventure through the alphabet. Begin your hunt for letters through different challenges like catching the apricots that fall from the tree (A) or popping balloons to reveal the missing letter (B).

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