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Parents are a child's first teacher. Take a look at the articles to keep up to date on the latest research geared towards raising a reader.

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2015 Kids & Family Reading Report
The State of Kids and Reading
Scholastic (2015)

2016 Kids & Family Reading Report
2016 Kids and Family Reading Report
Scholastic (2017)

Cross, Carrie
Ten Things That Parents Can Do to Promote & Develop Literacy
Global Post (2014)

Parent Involvement in Early Literacy (2013)

Fowler MBA, Dora
Raising Emotionally Healthy Children

Get Ready to Read
Promoting Family Literacy: Raising Ready Readers
Get Ready To Read (2014)

Johnson, Sharlene from Parents Magazine
How to Raise a Reader

Kim Nassoiy, UCF Forum columnist
Want Preschoolers To Become Successful? Allow Them To Play More

Laser, Andrea
Tuning Out to Tune In: How Time Outside Can Improve Readiness to Learn Inside

McMahon, Regan
How To Raise a Reader
Common Sense Media (July 2014)

Michigan Alliance for Families
Provides information, support and education for families who have children (birth-26 years of age) who receive (or may be eligible to receive) special education services

Michigan Department of Education
Family Matters provides parents and families with information about special education and other resources. Download the Family Matters information flyer and share it with parents and families that might be looking for information about special education

Michigan Department of Mental Health (MDHSS)
Social Emotional Health

Michigan Great Start Systems Team
Social Emotional Guide for Parents

Miller, Susan
Helping Parents Parent

10 Things Every Parent Should Know about Play

Playdough Power

Read Anything and Everything to Your Child

Reinforcing Language Skills

Support Writing at Home

Wiggling, Giggling, and Moving from Head to Toe: Books to Encourage Exercise

National Association for the Education of Young Children
Technology and Interactive Media as Tools in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children from Birth through Age 8
www.naeyc.org (2012)

O'Keeffe, Pauline
Back to school tips for Parents

The Benefits of Reading to your Newborn

Paul, Pamela and Russo, Maria
How to Raise a Reader

PBS Parents
How to Create a Literate Home: Young Child and Kindergartener
www.pbs.org (2013)

Reading Rockets
Wordless picture books

Reading Rockets
Making predictions

Sarah S. MacLaughlin and Rebecca Parlakian
Read Early and Often (May 12, 2017)

20 Ways to Boost your Baby’s Brain Power

Scholastic Media Room
New Study on Kids' Reading in the Digital Age: the Number of Kids Reading eBooks Has Nearly Doubled Since 2010
www.scholastic.com (2013)

Square Space
Child Development Chart

Square Space
Learn and Grow Activities

Wilson, Ruth
Using the Environment to Promote Early Literacy
Early Childhood News (2012)

Zero to Three
5 Ways to Raise a Reader... Starting from Birth (Aug 4, 2016)