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Early Fluent Readers

Books at the early fluent level have smaller type size than pre-emergent and emergent readers, fewer or smaller pictures and more advanced vocabulary. These books also have a more complicated storyline.

Children at the early fluent reading level will:
  • Read smoothly with few mistakes, and decode unknown words fairly quickly
  • Continue to use pictures to understand the story, but will rely more on the text for understanding
  • Be aware of punctuation marks, and use their cues to read more expressively

Activities to do at home:
  • Early readers use decoding strategies to look at a word and sound it out or break it down to decipher its meaning. Early Fluent readers might use these decoding strategies to make sense of what they are reading. Your child may use picture clues to help figure out an unknown word, look for sounds within the word that her/she already knows, reread the word, skip the word and read on for context clues.
  • Visit The West Bloomfield Township Public Library and have your child pick books with predictable vocabulary and clear rhythmic patterns, so your child can hear the sound of fluent reading as he/she reads out loud.
  • Visit The West Bloomfield Township Public Library and check out a read-along and have your child follow along in the print copy of the book. This will allow your child to hear the book being read, read along, and hear fluency all at the same time.

Early fluent East Readers have a green label on the spine.

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