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Early Fluent Readers

Books at the early fluent level have smaller type size than pre-emergent and emergent readers, fewer or smaller pictures and more advanced vocabulary. These books also have a more complicated storyline.

Children at the early fluent reading level will:
  • Read smoothly with few mistakes, and decode unknown words fairly quickly
  • Continue to use pictures to understand the story, but will rely more on the text for understanding
  • Be aware of punctuation marks, and use their cues to read more expressively

Activities to do at home:
  • Let your child pick out books to read, even if they are not classics. Indulge her taste for books about princesses or even favorite characters such as SpongeBob or Barbie. Children who like to read will continue to improve their skills and will broaden their reading tastes.
  • Read everywhere you are: street signs, movie posters, billboards and food containers. This helps children see that reading is an integral part of everyday life. Bring a few of your child's favorite readers on outings, such as doctor's appointments. This shows children they can read for pleasure in many environments.
  • Make a book of "favorite things." Staple sheets of paper together and ask your child to think of 10 favorite things. Some ideas include favorite foods, pets, friends, songs, movies and books. Encourage your child to write at least one sentence on each page.

Early fluent East Readers have a green label on the spine.

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