First Grade
Ready, Set, READ!


Pre-Emergent Readers
  • Associate books with your child’s real life. For example, if you have read a book about going to the zoo, you might like to take your child to the local zoo and discuss what you see, the experience, favorite parts.
  • Encourage your child your child to pack a book to keep him entertained on trips, family outings, vacation and more.
  • Hold a conversation and discuss what your child has read. Ask your child probing questions about the book and connect the events to his or her own life. For example, say, "I wonder why that girl did that?" or "How do you think he felt? Why?" and "So, what lesson can we learn here?"

Emergent Readers
  • Visit The West Bloomfield Township Public Library. Even if you have a many books at home, a trip to the public library can add a little bit of special magic. We offer fun programs to motivate readers, especially during the summer months. Our summer reading program motivates children to read all year round.
  • Make your own books of favorite songs for child to practice “reading”. This builds confidence and helps your child identify him/herself as a reader.
  • Alternate repeating the favorite lines of a poem with your child. He/ she will mimic your phrasing and expression.

Early Fluent Readers
  • Get involved in your child is reading by building home-school connections with your child’s teacher. Be an active participate in your child’s reading development. Ask your child what books they read at school, as the teacher about your child is reading ability/level. Create those dialogues with the teacher; it is beneficial to you as a parent and your child.
  • Early fluent readers often like to read books in a series as a comprehension strategy; the shared characters, settings, and events support their reading development. Most series books read at a good pace and provide increasingly more difficult text as the series continues. Visit the West Bloomfield Township Public Library to pick out a series book for your early reader.
  • Echo reading can be so much fun. Read a sentence aloud using appropriate expression and pausing. Then, have your child mimic you, reading the same sentence and using the same expression and pauses. Repeat the game every few paragraphs as you read the book.

Fluent Easy Readers
  • Choose a passage that will not be very difficult for your child. Read the passage aloud to your child, and then read it together, helping your child figure out any tricky words. Next, have your child read the passage to you with a focus on accuracy. Finally, have your child read the passage to you again, paying attention to fluency and expression. The goal is to sound smooth and natural.
  • When reading a familiar story or passage, try having your child use different voices. Read the story in a mouse voice, cowboy voice, or a princess voice. This is another way to do repeated reading, and it adds some fun to reading practice.
  • Have your fluent reader, read to different audiences. Reading aloud is a way to communicate to an audience. When a reader keeps the audience in mind, he/she knows that his reading must be fluent and expressive. Provide a variety of opportunities for your child to read to an audience. Your child can read to stuffed animals, pets, siblings, neighbors, grandparents - anyone who is willing to listen. This is a good way to show off what was practiced with repeated reading.

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