The Birth of a Book Habit

Writing Activities

  • Babies are just learning to use their hands. Babies will explore objects by putting them in their mouths. Hand things to your baby, have him/her pick things up or grab things off the blanket. This will help babies with fine and gross motor skills that increase their core, balance and coordination skills.
  • As babies grow, they gain more control over their hands. At this age, your baby is able to pass objects from hand to hand and may enjoy ripping and pulling materials. Babies should be able to pick up very small objects using their thumb and forefinger. Babies’ hand movements become more precise, allowing them to feed themselves finger food and place rings on a post. Make a meal and allow your baby to independently feed himself.
  • As your baby learns how to scribble, it is easier for the small muscles in his hands to grasp thicker writing tools. Markers, crayons, chalk, and paintbrushes are all available in special chunky “young child” versions that are ideal for beginners. This allows babies to increase fine motor skills, creativity and hand eye coordination.

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