The Birth of a Book Habit

Writing Activities

  • Doodle and scribble. When baby is old enough to sit in a chair (either on your lap or in a high-chair) allow them to scribble and doodle on a paper and a crayon. Young children are just figuring out that their movement through sensory play: the way the crayon feels, the smell of the paint, the squishy-ness of the clay. This helps build fine motor skills and creates the sense of writing or drawing at a young age.
  • Babies gain more control over their hands at 3-6 months. At this age, your baby is able to pass objects from hand to hand (crossing the midline by 6 months and above) and may enjoy ripping and pulling materials. Babies’ hand movements become more precise, allowing them to feed themselves finger food and place rings on a post.
  • Let your child scribble using food items such as yogurt or pudding in their high chair or a washable tray. This way your child will learn fine motor control, have fun, and eat at the same time.
  • Skills Learned: Fine motor skills, pre-writing skills, core strength, attention skills, problem solving, observation skills, hand eye coordination, experimenting, movement and pretend play.

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