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Writing Activities
  • Build fine motor skills for your baby by putting items just out of reach, so they have to stretch for them. This builds baby’s core muscles, as well as fine and gross motor skills.
  • Peek a boo is a great game full of laughs and fun! It can also build fine and gross motor skills. Grabbing a blanket or towel to hide or pull it away to play along can be a great learning tool.
  • Receptive language develops before expressive language. This means your baby understands words before he/she can talk. A great game to check receptive language (what your baby understands) is the body
  • parts naming game. Ask your baby, “Where are your eyes?” then, point to each body part. When they get a little older move on to more advanced parts like belly button, elbow, and shoulder. Eventually you will not have to point, and they will show you without help. Then, when they start talking, they will quiz you!