The Birth of a Book Habit

Talking Activities

  • Use rich language throughout the day to create a world filled with literary experiences. Talk with your infants and young children frequently in short, simple sentences. Tell stories, sing songs, recite nursery rhymes or poems, and describe the world around them to expose them to words.
  • Ask your baby, “Where’s your nose?” If she can put her finger on it, move on to her eyebrows, elbows and bellybutton! Ask her where her toes and fingers are. You can help her learn where these are by example.
  • Babies are sensory driven. Allow baby to explore, touch, feel, taste and smell objects. Place an object such as a small ball and a block in front of your infant and ask her to give you the ball/block. Try different objects and practicing with different sensory skills (Sitting, soft balls, books, dry cereal, etc.)

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