The Birth of a Book Habit

Singing Activities

  • Visit the West Bloomfield Township Public Library for Baby Time. This interactive storytime will stimulate your baby’s brain development through movement, thymes, finger plays, puppets, books, and creative gross motor skill activities. This interactive program is designed to build positive communication between baby and caregiver.
  • Provide instruments that allow babies to practice cause and effect. Cause and effect is one of babies’ greatest skills. If I drop this spoon, it will fall. Give babies plenty of opportunities figure out how things work. Use house hold items like pots and pans with a wooden spoon or other items such as egg shakers, maracas, drums, bells and chimes are all a great choice. Making noise, dropping toys off a tray or using their voice all create cause and effect.
  • Play music during difficult transition times such as nap/bed time or goodbyes (as you leave for work or a trip). Create unique songs for each or play lullabies to create a relaxing atmosphere. This helps baby begin the process of self-regulation, self-soothing, and calming when handling daily tasks or situations.

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