The Birth of a Book Habit

Singing Activities

  • Sing, Read, Repeat. Do you get tired of singing the sang songs or reading the same books over and over again? It can become mundane, but it’s such an important factor in early childhood development. Read favorite stories and sing favorite songs over and over again. Repeated fun with books will strengthen language development, oral language, successful developmental growth and positive feelings about reading.
  • When you sing and hold your baby, you introduce new vocabulary. When you hold up a stuffed cat as you sing about a cat, baby learns to associate the name of that toy with the words you sing. When you sing about parts of the body and kiss your baby’s feet or tickle his tummy, he learns new words.
  • Language itself is musical, and when you sing and speak, your baby learns about words, language, and communication. Through your singing, baby’s language comprehension begins. Talk and sing to your baby about what you’re doing throughout the day. Make up songs during clean up time or bath time. This is a fun way to get your baby excited and stimulated throughout the day.

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