The Birth of a Book Habit

Playing Activities

  • Go for a walk. Heading outside puts your child in touch with nature and gives him or her a chance to use his or her senses to explore the natural world. Touch and explore the grass, trees and flowers. Watch bugs. Talk about what you see, hear, smell and feel.
  • Don’t forget about Tummy Time! Giving your child a chance to spend time on her tummy is important for their development. It may not look like anything’s happening, but it’s helping her develop important muscles in her neck and trunk. When starting tummy-time, you will see your baby first lift her head up from the floor for a few seconds. Over time, she will begin to push up on her forearms. Next, she will start to push up on her hands and be able to stay in this position for longer periods of time. As she gets stronger, your baby will begin to pivot in a circle on her belly to reach toys. Exploring in new ways like this builds your baby’s thinking skills.
  • Dance to the radio or music. Carry your baby around and dance or lay your baby on the couch and move their arms and legs.
  • Skills Learned: language development, attention skills and observation skills, Emotional connections.

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