The Birth of a Book Habit

Playing Activities

  • Give your baby things to play with. Babies like to hold things and put them in their mouths. Since babies are sensory driven, make sure to give babies a variety of toys that are visually, tactile and audio logically appealing to infants. Toys that make quiet different noises (squeaks, jingles, or soft music), with bright colors or different textures (bumpy, smooth, fabrics, soft) are most helpful to development.
  • Give your baby things to look at. Bright objects and images help the development of a baby’s vision. Hang a colorful mobile over your baby’s crib, or colorful pictures on the wall, these will encourage your baby’s visual skills.
  • Babies love to look at themselves in the mirror. Put a mirror on the floor or hang one on a wall close to the ground. Encourage your baby to look at himself in the mirror. Talk to him about the image. Say things like: Look at Zach in the mirror. He’s smiling now. Zach has curly, brown hair.

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