The Birth of a Book Habit

Playing Activities

  • Babies love to explore the world around them. Allow your little one to feel, smell, and listen to the world. Name things they may feel, hear or touch. “That’s the doggy’s ear.” “That’s a birdy chirping,” or even “That is your stuffed bunny’s soft tail.”
  • Water play is the greatest way to promote play. It encourages language skills, fine motor, sensory and cognitive skills. Use various squirty toys, plastic cups, kitchen utensils, and any other household items, which make a splash. Add bubble bath adds another fascinating component to water play. This is an adult supervised activity.
  • While you are out with your baby (running errands or just for a walk), point to different objects and things while saying what they are. Even babies who are not speaking yet, they are listening and observing as you speak. You are modeling language, literacy and sounds. Point to things and ask, "What's this?" “That’s a car.” “We are going to Target.”

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